Contact & Staff

YSC SPORTS:  610.293.0888
Kyle Strunk:  Facility Director:; (c)484.947.6043
Josh Lee:  Flag Football & Facility Operations:; (c)484.663.1189 
Sam Pecone:  Adult Leagues & Facility Operations:; (c)484.473.4363 
Karla Polli:  YSC Kids Director:; (c)610.636.2718  

Tommy Wilson:   Academy Director
Tobias Nubbemeyer:  U17 Head Coach / Head of Sr Academy
Henry Apaloo:  U15 Head Coach
Idrissa Kone:  Asst. Coach
Willy Topp:  U14 Head Coach
Phil Karn:  U13 Head Coach / Head of Mid-Phase Academy
Paul Nash:   U12 Head Coach / Head of Jr Academy
Charlie Sales:   GK Coach
Ian Hennessy:   UDS Strategist / College Soccer Advisor
Fred DaSilva:   UDS Head Coach
Roberto Gimenez:  Head of Academy Scouting
Mitchell Joslin:  Academy Scouting Coordinator
Joe Trocchio:  Director of Academy Performance
Christian Steidle:  Athletic Development Training (ADT) Coach
Eric Udelson:  Athletic Development Training (ADT) Coach
Sonia Barrad:  Athletic Trainer
Ryan Sanders:  Director of Academy Operations
Tanner Shimomoto:  Academy Operations
Kessandra Husselbeck:  Academy Operations Coordinator
Sheldon Phillips:  Director of Player Safeguarding & Wellbeing
Diego Parra:  Head of Academy Video Analysis
Colin Campbell:  Equipment Manager
Brian Rodriguez:  Equipment Coordinator

Bill Knowles:  Director of Athlete Development and Reconditioning:; 484.580.6708

YSC ACADEMY:  484.580.6715
Nooha Ahmed-Lee:  Head of School:
Jared Micklos:  Chief Strategy Officer:
Kelly Wilson:  Director of Operations:
Gretchen D'Angelo:  College & Career Counselor:
Nick Kueny:  English Teacher:
Mark Franek:  English Teacher:
Adam Barney:  Science Teacher:
Kayla Raden:  Science Teacher:
Kelly Shank:  Math Teacher:
Darren Burris:  Math Teacher:
Susan Kroll:  Math, English & Science Teacher:
Brendan Sullivan:  History Teacher:
Isaac Blum:  English & Math Teacher:
Willan Hernandez:  Spanish Teacher:
Jessica Griffith: Middle School Teacher: